- May 1, 2011
It may strike you as a strange combination, but there are remarkably abundant examples of corporeal pumps in which body parts embellish shoes. Genuine fur, hair, hides and skins can be found as accents on exuberant pairs of stilettos, while skeletal segments are ever in style in the eyes of some.

It would be incorrect to assume that human flesh is never exploited as a fashion statement, for you will find at least some fake specimens of this as well. Quills, horns, hoofs and wings have found their way into the form of some pretty unusual footwear that accounts for some ways in which the animal kingdom inspires or is exploited by the industry or artists experienced in taxidermy. They may not be your perfect fit, but these peculiar pairs of corporeal pumps are a living style.

From Odd Flesh Fashion to Human Hair Footwear: