Nadya Suleman is the Latest Victim of Parental Criticism

 - Feb 15, 2009
Nadya Suleman is the latest parent thrust into frenzied media headlines with the birth of her IVF octuplets, but she certainly won't be the last. A number of controversial parenting choices have come into the spotlight, and Suleman is just the latest mark.

Just months ago, while Nadya Suleman was still pregnant, babies with classic, outdated names topped search engines. Names like Rose, Clementine and Florence were given to newborn babies by their celebrity parents; many of these vintage monikers hadn't seen the top of baby name lists since the early 1900s.

Other parenting choices, however, have been met with far more controversy. Alfie Patten, 13, and Bristol Palin, 18, are two of the high-profile teen parents that have incited the fury of pro-choice activists nationwide. Incidentally, many of these pro-choice activists are currently directing their wrath at Nadya Suleman.

Check out some other controversial parenting choices below.