Octuplets Mother Bombarded With Offers To Make Her a Celebrity

 - Feb 6, 2009
References: gulf-daily-news
A now infamous California mother of octuplets has been offered countless book, TV and film offers which would catapult her stardom, but will she take them? Her publicist was interviewed by Diane Sawyer this week, as seen in the video above.

For no other reason than being a mega-mom, Nadya Suleman has been offered a huge shot at fame, and with it, likely a heapin’ pile of money. It would be tough to imagine the moolah wouldn’t be desirable when you have a family of 16 to feed. That’s right, in addition to their new octuplets, she and her husband have 6 other children. Consider a really basic $5/person dinner at McDonald’s: that’s still $80 for a truly simple (very unhealthy) meal.

"She’s the most sought-after mom in the world right now," said her publicist, Joann Killeen.

Her publicist says Suleman hasn't been given a monetary offer yet, but it couldn't be far off if she decides to step into the public eye.

"Suleman, 33, does want to tell her story at some point, however," Killeen says.

"She’s looking forward to telling the story and setting the record straight."

Although she had her octuplets on 26 January, Nadya Suleman is still a darling of the limelight, and it doesn’t look like she will be falling off the media radar anytime soon. It hasn’t been announced yet, it wouldn’t be surprising for some corporate sponsor to hop on board.

If you're a diaper brand, or baby food maker, super famous octuplets are the marketing opportunity of a lifetime, aren't they? If I were Pampers, I'd be all over this!