From Contortion Motorbike Photography to Pretzel-Like Ad Campaigns

 - Oct 20, 2012
The human body is able to fold and crumple itself into many unbelievable positions, which is shown in this collection of contortionist photo spreads.

Models test their skills, wrapping themselves up like looped pretzels in order to form intricate designs and showcasing non-existent spines. There is no shortage in amazement within this kind of performance art. For instance, the compiling of painted human bodies to form a powerful motorbikes is a mind-blowing pursuit. The way intertwining bodies of soccer players on a grassy green field to make the shape of a patterned soccer ball is also mesmerizing in its own way.

Mind-blowing and painful looking, the positions attempted in these photos should not be attempted at home unless you have jelly for a spine.