From Virtual Fitting Rooms to Crossover Loyalty Apps

 - Oct 28, 2015
These connected retail innovations range from virtual fitting rooms and shop assistants to crossover loyalty apps that let mobile users spend and swap rewards points at various shopping destinations. When it comes to online shopping, e-retailers are becoming more tailored to consumers' specific needs and are offering experiential features that ultimately make any online shopping experience more convenient.

Standouts include virtual optometry studios and android shop assistants that are slowly replacing physical retail spaces or customer service reps. Fueled by technology, these fun features are also incredibly intuitive, allowing for product recommendations, purchase predictions and custom shopping lists that are curated to shoppers's specific tastes.

Other notable examples include virtual ads that offer e-commerce capabilities or digital flagship boutiques that rebrand a heritage fashion label for a tech-savvy millennial audience. Furthermore, innovations like digitized store displays tell shop visitors a story as soon as they pick up a product while retail recommending booths act as a virtual stylist or personal shopper alternative.