From Argyle Brew Branding to Slithering Java Corsets

 - Jun 2, 2012
In light of universal efforts to be more environmentally conscious, the practice of double-cupping a beverage is frowned upon, but this gives rise to various coffee cup cuff designs to accompany beverages.

Coming in a variety of materials, shapes and colors, these sleeves are the perfect pair to your morning coffee. These cuffs will do better to portray your personality than your routine morning scowl can. Such sleeves are often attached to reusable coffee mugs that many coffee places will gladly fill and give you a discount on, assuming you bring it to the store.

Coffee cup cuffs are examples of products that are looking to reduce the carbon footprint one leaves, all while customizing your experience and serving a great function. Knowing this, maybe your mornings will run a little easier.