From Coffee Bean Braille Menus to Elegant Edible Couture

 - May 13, 2013
Artists, manufacturers and builders alike are experimenting with non-traditional materials that brings them positively stunned and sometimes confused reactions—food. From coffee bean braille menus by Starbucks to edible fashion by Korean artist Yeonju Sung, these products stretch the boundaries of what is and what isn’t supposed to be edible.

Another brilliant invention that exemplifies food serving a function, would be the edible spoons made of corn. Lindor had a similar concept with its chocolate spoons, which could be used flavor coffee while stirring.

Designer lollipops that look like intricate glass decorations show off immaculate design that focuses on precision and detail. Food is made appealing and decorative, which is definitely a selling factor.

Food is also incorporated in art forms, buildings and even furniture. Of course these items are not completely practical, but they serve as reminders that such non-traditional works may be appetizing to consumers in more than one way.