- Jun 21, 2013
These chic canine abodes are allowing pet owners to spoil their furry little friends with the most modern and architecturally sleek structures around.

Having a proper place to rest and sleep at night is key to one's well-being, which is why providing your canine companions with luxurious accommodations is a great way to keep them feeling refreshed and relaxed. If you tend to enjoy extravagant and over-the-top products, then why not shower your pooch with the most luxurious dog houses around? From contemporary canine homes to those that replicate large-scale celebrity mansions, these chic canine abodes are taking extravagant dog houses to a whole other level.

Perfect for those who aren't shy about spending money on their adorable pets, these chic canine abodes will certainly have every other pooch in the neighborhood bursting with envy.

From Luxurious Pet RVs to Contemporary Canine Homes: