11 Non-Digital Datebooks And Unique Calendars

 - Nov 19, 2008
Many modern planners look like the one to the right--digital and impersonal. These are not the doodle-decorated datebooks of years past; there is no marginalia, no crossed-out items, and everything is in basic black text. The only accent of color is achieved with the computer’s digital highlighter.

I prefer keeping time with a calendar like the ones below. I can color-code to my disorganized heart’s content. Most importantly, I can scribble out completed tasks and cross out days gone by, reeling in the pleasure that comes with making that coveted ‘X’ across a page.

The products in this cluster are all clever variations on the standard monthly calendars and datebooks that got us started on our journey to self-organization. From LEGO calendars to ones that burn, shred and pop, tactile individuals are sure to find a calendar in this cluster worth their time in ‘09.