From Dessert-Inspired Breakfasts to Creamy Sprinkled Shooters

 - Mar 28, 2012
If you're an impatient baker that lives for licking the bowl, these cake batter confections are sure to pique your interest. These tasty treats are the perfect indulgence for your bratty inner child. Relive those naughty days of noshing on a tube of cookie dough and treat yourself to these child-like sweet eats.

From pancakes to a collection of intoxicating shooters, the lush taste of cake batter has permeated almost every conceivable dish. Load up a selection of animal crackers with a decadent cake batter dip or relish the sticky sugary taste of a batch of sprinkled popcorn. No matter how you choose to enjoy the unbaked taste of your favorite cake, these cake batter confections are sure to have you smiling from ear to ear.

Exuding a sense of child-like naughtiness, these sprinkled sweets are a collection of shamelessly fun indulgences.