- Feb 2, 2014
If you're looking for a craft to indulge in while waiting for summer, these super fun bracelet DIYs are definite winners. These DIY activities are also far better than having to shop for summer accessories.

Get to crafting these intricate bracelets all winter long and by summer you'll have a whole arm full of fun and fantastic summer accessories. Bracelet DIYs also bring friends together for the making of custom-made friendship bracelets. Start your very own bracelet collection with funky designs like upcycled scarf watches or spiky punk-themed wristbands. The design choices are truly endless when your behind the wheel of these decadent DIY crafts.

Jump into your creative calling and fasten yourself a beautiful bunch of bracelets unattainable by anyone else.

These Decadent Bracelet DIYs are Fun Activities to Try: