- Jan 28, 2014
Hipster culture and its appreciation for anything kitsch and quirky is personified with these bohemian accessories. Any of these pieces would look perfect paired up with a vintage jean jacket and thick rimmed glasses.

Including colorfully bohemian pieces for both men and women, you’ll find that these effortless cool and urban accessories look good on anyone and can be worn either day or night. 

Featuring creative and abstract pieces that add a touch of hipster attitude to any wardrobe to lazer-cut acrylic pendants adorned with feathers, tepees and animals all on hand-beaded strings, get your hands on these bohemian accessories finds and get with the program.

Also make sure to sport the bejeweled face decor to really make the look work for you.

From Brightly Bejeweled Bindis to Manly Chain Accessories: