These Embroidered Barrettes are Perfect for Little Girls and Hipsters

 - Jul 6, 2011
References: maconetlesquoy & bookofjoe
Crafty activities such as knitting and embroidering are staying strong in the pop culture scene by the looks of these Embroidered Barrettes. Although they are being targeted towards little girls, I can easily see a bunch of hipster ladies decorating their own tresses with these cute accessories.

Designed by Macon & Lesquoy, these Embroidered Barrettes are handmade. They are available in a slew of different forms, from typical ones such as hearts and clouds to more eccentric ones such as safety pins and wrenches. They also come in three colors: red, silver and gold. Though they may seem more suitable for casual outings, I can easily see these Embroidered Barrettes being used for a more dressy occasion because of their shimmering quality.