From Simple Suede Sneakers to Blue Suede Shoes

 - Oct 18, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Suede shoes are expensive and they ruin easily; therefore, the fashionable people of the world love them. Not just for the King, anybody can rock a pair of suede shoes nowadays: Just don't wear them in the cold Kentucky rain. Anyway, check out all of the sweet suede shoes from simple suede sneakers to, of course, blue suede shoes.

Implications - Paying homage to the 1950s Elvis Presley song, blue suede shoes are back in style, but with very modern and feminine twists. What these navy shoes symbolize is a move towards having statement pieces instead of entire statement ensembles. After all, since the credit crunch hit, who can afford anything but wardrobe staples and a few quality statement pieces?