From Fanciful Fringe Fashions to Floral Sweats for Men

 - Jan 25, 2012
As a woman, I consider men’s style to be relatively straightforward and there are just some things I hope never see on my man (crop tops and corsets are on this list) , but that doesn’t mean designers won’t continue to come up with incredibly bizarre menswear styles.

Some examples of the very bizarre menswear styles that we’ve seen of late include the bulky linebacker-meets-punk fashions at Thom Browne’s Fall 2012 runway show, the armored masks seen at Alexander McQueen’s show in 2010 and the flamboyantly futuristic sharp shoulder pads by fashion brand Unsung Heroes.

No matter your stance on offbeat and eccentric men’s fashion, only the truly brave and confident can pull of the bizarre menswear styles featured in this collection.