From Tipsy Refreshing Cakes to Deceptive Teatime Pastries

 - Jan 18, 2012
These terribly tempting beverage-inspired cupcakes pack all the flavourful punch of a sensational sipper with all the textural goodness of a cupcake. It seems there is no end to the wealth of flavoring possibilities for the cupcake. The ever-adaptive sugary snack is constantly pushing the culinary envelope.

From Shirley Temple-inspired stunners to naughty vodka and Kahlua-soaked cocktail cakes, there is a beverage-inspired cupcake for everyone. These delicious cupcakes provide you with yet another delightful way to enjoy your favorite refreshments. These fantastic and visually appealing petite cakes give you all the taste of your favorite sipper without the ice. Embark on any of these delightful cakes and the next brilliant cupcake adaptation might just come to you.

So, ditch the straw and tear into any one of these delicious beverage-inspired cupcakes and experience your favorite drink without the glass.