Commanding the Skies With Gas, From Hotels to Darth Vader

 - Aug 7, 2009   Updated: Jun 1 2011
Blimps are often looked at as the unpopular kid at school. People often prefer the amazing power of a plane or helicopter while the blimp gets shafted.

These beefy blimps will show that this helium haven isn't a waste of time and money. Blimps serve many purposes and I hope this cluster gets them a little respect.

Check out these 10 beefy blimps!

Implications - Blimps have significant implications in both the tourism and advertising industries. While they can be used for transportation, other more efficient modes are popularized. However, companies can use the mega-sized balloons to draw attention to a product, as thousands of grounded potential consumers can't help but stare at these massive floating devices. Additionally, blimp tours are a popular tourist choice and countries can use these devices as a means of showing off their many attractions.