Autonomous Blimps Interact and Think

 - Jun 28, 2007   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: alavs & ohgizmo
Powered by Sun SPOT chips, Blubber Bots are able to sense movement and react to light, sound and heat. The smart little blimps are equipped with blinking LEDS and cell phone vibrators which enable them to interact with other blimps. The technical name for a Blubber Bot is an ALAV, aka Autonomous Lighter than Air Vehicles.... The ALAVs, which cross the line between technology and art, were created by Jed Berk.

Implications - To make these blubber bots even cooler, I should point out that they are able to communicate with human beings with the help of cellular devices. After all, who hasn't wanted to communicate with a blimp before?