From Toy Bear Street Shoes to Urban Toy Fashion Hybrids

 - Nov 1, 2011
I'll bet dollars to donuts that art toy enthusiasts will flip when they see all of these Bearbrick fashion innovations. Medicom's Bearbrick toys have become a sensation both with the mainstream art crowd and in the underground fashion scene. Medicom has collaborated with a handful of clothing and apparel companies creating everything from caps to kicks.

Perhaps the best way for Bearbrick neophytes to learn about these awesome art toys is through these Bearbrick fashion innovations. A toy that is designed to be a mantlepiece can be slightly off putting, but when that same toy's silhouette graces a fresh hat or t-shirt then it becomes a little easier to accept and embrace. If you've always wanted to sport a pair of socks inspired by an art toy then check out all of these Bearbrick fashion innovations.