- Jun 21, 2013
If you plan on spending lots of time by the water this summer, owning several great beach totes is crucial. For days, evenings and nights spent by the beach, investing in a great beach bag to stash your sunscreen, books, towels and bikinis is great way to keep track of all your summer essentials.

Every summer girl needs a great bag that simultaneously stores her beach goodies and keeps out sand, water and beach creatures. When planning a trip to the beach, you need a bag that's big enough to carry lots of odds and ends, while still looking super chic.

Remember, you'll be packing things like towels, sunscreen, bathing suits, books, snacks, water toys and drinks so your beach bag should be big, but also stylish. From waterproof sand-repelling beach totes to groovy tie-dye beach bags, a bag that can fashionably brave the beach elements is a summer girl's best friend.

From Mesh-Bottomed Handbags to Fish-Shaped Sachets: