From Comfy Couture Mash-Ups to Intergalactic Warrior Garments

 - May 13, 2012
There are few pieces of clothing as causal as bathrobes. They make the perfect outfit for lounging around one’s house, one can sleep in them and they are easily slipped out of before and after showering. The list goes on, but the point remains the same: bathrobes are convenient and comfortable.

Further adding to their cozy, causal feel is the fact that such clothing is almost always made from soft, smooth fabrics like cotton, silk, wool and nylon.

The outfits featured here demonstrate how to make this loaf-inclined type of clothing even more cozy. Through geeky decals, funky accents and humorous concepts, these outfits take casual to a new level. From sci fi-inspired smocks to dinosaur costumes to luscious fashion shoots, there is something for everyone.