From Critter-Faced Footwear to Sporty Gold Ballerinas

 - Aug 23, 2013
The best aspect about ballet flats is they're the perfect hybrid between classy pumps and casual shoes. How? While comfy sneaks may not be acceptable in all workplaces or at the bars, pretty flats are. Also, flats allow you to wear beautiful footwear without the risk of harming your ankles with high heels.

Ballet flats are definitely not boring, and designers have gotten extremely creative with their styles. For example, the Repetto flag ballerina is the perfect shoe for dual-citizenship individuals, or even for people who like to travel. These flats feature an American flag style on one side and the Britain flag on the other.

Further, if you love animals, you're not alone. Peacock patterned shoes, rodent-inspired footwear and vegan shoes will allow you to still look cute while sporting your true love.