From Absinthe to Sequined, These Blazers are Blazin

 - Jan 29, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
If you want to be a fashionable badass but don’t know where to start, might I suggest one of these 15 Badass Blazers? I might, and I shall.

Blazers are better than ever. I mean, for gosh sake, we have an Absinthe Blazer here, folks! Absinthe! All your blazing blazer desires will be fulfilled by at least one of these 15 Badass Blazers. I guarantee.

Implications - Males in modern society are beginning to pay more attention to their fashionable sides than ever before. Designs that allow men to explore different aspects of themselves attract more shoppers than those which only focus on a super masculine aesthetic. Companies trying to increase their appeal on the market could focus on this when coming out with new items.