- Jan 24, 2014
Imagine your little one all bundled up and cozy in a modern, sleek, angular metal pod-designed crib; if that doesn’t do it for you, then opting for the nostalgically designed baby cribs is the way to go.

With life rushing by so quickly and everything classical and traditional being left behind (or being rebranded as vintage and retro), why not slow things down and get a baby crib that is both visually appealing and modernly functional at the same time?

So take your pick from cribs with interiors lined with natural silk padding to stunning baby cradles that set themselves apart by way of practical design windows that allow both the baby and parent to enjoy each other’s sights. And if you want to go way back, almost biblical times back, check out the basket-like pods that are reminiscent of baby Moses being sent down the Nile.

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