From 8-Bit Wall Art to Lo-Fi Nba Poertraits

 - Jun 22, 2011
Gamers and art snobs alike are going to dig all of these awesome 8-bit art projects. There is a ton of video game art out there, but in my opinion, the best of the best are the pieces inspired by the 8-bit graphics engine of the NES and arcade games.

The block-like characters and lack of eye-popping colors are all present in each one of these awesome 8-bit art projects. My favorite works of art here are the ones that are not modeled on video games at all. I would gladly take an 8-bit Yoda over a recreation of an alien from Space Invaders any day. If you consider yourself an art neophyte and a gaming nerd, then these awesome 8-bit art projects are perfect for you. If you are the other way around then you might not get too much out of this. Just a warning to all the art snobs before they begin their trek down the yellow left click road.