From Augmented History Apps to Touchable 3D Holograms

 - Jan 28, 2015
Augmented reality has the ability to bring new dimensions to the field of education, broadening conventional teaching methods to include a brand-new practice that we can refer to as augmented education. Simulated apps, holographic presentations and AR headsets are just a few examples of the devices and applications that can help foster this newfound learning environment.

The seamless interaction between real and virtual worlds provides a new, in-between dimension that has yet to be explored within the context of a classroom. By offering visual and tactile components to the learning experience, augmented education has the potential to reach more people.

Augmented reality offers an immersive educational experience that currently is not widely available. Including augmented reality in the school system or workplace could prove to be invaluable when it comes to teaching students or training employees in new subjects.