From Apocalyptic Architecture to Apocalyptic TV-Smashing

 - Dec 12, 2009   Updated: May 18 2011
When one hears the term apocalyptic innovations, one does not immediately jump up and down in high hopes. The end of the world is a scary topic, but can anyone help but look at the creative carnage which is stemmed from imagining what will happen when the big day hits?

From apocalyptic architecture to apocalyptic TV-smashing, check out the 30 apocalyptic innovations.

Implications - Although the end of the world has many people worried, there are others who find interest in it. Designers have drawn inspiration from the apocalyptic world to produce gritty products that challenge the crisp, clean aesthetics of other items. This grim portrayal may be bleak, but it has consumers intrigued in how brands and artists depict a future that they hope they'll never see.