- Apr 10, 2013
If you enjoy watching Japanese cartoons and are looking for a clever way to showcase it while on-the-go, then these anime-inspired tech accessories will definitely add a nerdy touch to your high-tech devices.

Anime cartoons have an insanely popular fan following that can be recognized across the globe, and any diehard fan looking to add some eye-catching and practical pieces of memorabilia to their collection will definitely want to check out these anime tech accessories. From earphones that resemble the iconic Pokemon balls to laptop cases accented with Hello Kitty designs, these adorably outfitted accessories are a creative way to pay tribute to these iconic Japanese shows.

These anime-inspired accessories are a fantastic way to add some quirky touches to your otherwise average tech devices, and showcase to others your admiration for cute cartoon characters.

From Cute Computer Mittens to Adorable Pokemon Protectors: