- Jun 27, 2008
In 2007, 33.2 million people were living with AIDS and about 2.1 million died as a result, 330,000 of which were children. To stop the pandemic from doing any more damage, creative agencies and activists from around the world have generated unique campaigns to raise awareness. Each day, incredibly clever advertising campaigns are generated, ranging from print to video and interactive ones online to raise attention to the urgent need to practice caution. HIV and AIDS awareness projects have also been heavily seen in the fashion, beauty and product design industry, by companies like MAC who launched the charitable Viva Glam line and (Product) Red who design everything from clothes to laptops in support of AIDS.

Take a look at some of the most remarkable AIDS awareness acts featured on Trend Hunter.

Clever Ads & Awareness Campaigns

29 Incredible Campaigns To Raise AIDS Awareness: