- Apr 23, 2014
Administrative Professionals Day is an unofficial holiday to celebrate the often under-appreciated work of secretarial employees everywhere. Think about it: where would every big CEO or bureaucrat be without the swift organizational skills of their administrative staff? Nowhere, that’s where. Though they might not be high up on the food chain, admin workers are a vital part of what makes a company run like a well-oiled machine. Without their exhaustive knowledge, tireless filing skills and unprecedented enthusiasm, coming to work every day would be a serious downer.

Furthermore, the secretarial look has become a fashion wardrobe staple. Just because you sit behind a desk for most of the day, doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy and sophisticated. You can browse through a few high-fashion editorials for inspiration on a variety of office wear looks, ranging from saucy to retro. 

This Administrative Professionals Day, don’t forget to smile, thank and treat your hard-working team for all that they do.

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day in Couture: