From Bright Billowing Fashion to Bejeweled Sahara Shoots

 - Jul 10, 2012
With hair flying and dresses swirling, these wild windswept photoshoots prove why a little breeze adds a surprisingly simple twist to ordinary images. Photographers are constantly using fans in studios to recreate that wind-blown seaside or desert look.

Even in the most picturesque locations, photographers need a little help when Mother Nature refuses to cooperate. Fashion designers spend a great deal of time tailoring their designs to flow and move with grace. Layers of chiffon, lace and billowing fabrics help add movement as the model struts down the runway or red-carpet -- even the great Gisele Bundchen looks more glamazon haute with a little wind behind her dress. These sweeping motions create an enchanting, ethereal look that makes a uneventful photo truly eye-catching.

Although it is an age old trick, these whimsical windswept photoshoots prove why this composition remains a photographer favorite.