- Jan 30, 2015
These 3D-printing services range from sculptural pet portraits to personalized jewelry collections that are created with the help of additive manufacturing techniques. Whether creating a sculpture of man's best friend or designing a gift for that special someone, modern technology is allowing consumers to experience an enhanced level of customization.

This retail shift is a result of advanced and convenient 3D-printing devices that are changing the way brands manufacture and market their products. While NYC brand Normal has introduced a personalized earbud service that fits audio accessories to consumers' ears perfectly, England's 3D Print World is a retail shop that stocks printer kits and hosts educational events for those who want to try out 3D-printing techniques first-hand.

Other 3D-printing services from this list include sculptural photographs that are modeled after smartphone snaps along with 3D food printers that minimize the need for cooking.

From Sculptural Pet Portraits to Printable Jewelry Collections: