11 Popping Prints For Fall - From Geometric Patterns To Brightly Colored Peacock Frocks

 - Jun 11, 2009   Updated: May 17 2011
For Fall 2009, many designers sent prints down the runway. The message was clear, prints are back, but there was no clear winner in terms of style.

Some Fall 09 prints were geometric while others were of people or animals. It'll be curious to see which ones will win in the stores this fall, and how people will put them together.

Implications - Fashion has always been about creating visual eye candy for consumers in addition to promoting new styles. Consumer decisions to purchase something often lie in the attraction of an item, so elaborate patterns are usually the best approach in drawing attention. It's a great strategy for brands to use, but they need to make sure that the outfits don't look eccentric to the point where it can be overwhelming for their purchasers.