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Amanda Congdon's Twitter Speech Talks About Social Media Uses

 - Jul 26, 2013
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Blogger Amanda Congdon's Twitter speech discusses the benefits of using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter from different stand points. Congdon explains that it's a helpful business tool, a quick and easy way to share ideas and it has benefits for public figures as well.

Congdon says that phone calls are personal, emails are less personal and Tweets are even more removed. One doesn't have to worry so much about what to respond with in a Tweet. They have to be short and to the point.

As a blogger, Congdon uses these social media outlets to share her content and to communicate with her readers. She talks about how for big companies, the best way to make a profit is to keep content free and include ads and sponsorship on one's site.

Congdon explains that things like Twitter allow celebrities and public figures to take back their identities. Twitter connects them to fans and colleagues and acts as a sort of public personal timeline for these individuals.

Congdon is an avid user of Twitter and other social media networks and uses them to increase traffic to her work.