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Nadjia Yousif's Talk on Work Environments Outlines Tech-human Relations

 - Dec 19, 2018
References: bcg & ted
Technology mentor Nadjia Yousif delivers an informative talk on work environments that tackles a problem that often goes under the radar. This is the office relationship between humans and the technologies/software they interact with on a daily basis. The aim of her keynote is to establish awareness of an overlooked dynamic and to advise how this can be salvaged to bring about lower levels of stress and a higher degree of efficiency and productivity.

Statistics reveal that 25% of tech projects "are canceled or deliver things that are never used." The reason behind that, Nadjia Yousif affirms, is the fact that people are "skeptical or even afraid" of technology. The talk on work environments goes on to elaborate on how to approach this problem, bridge this gap in office dynamics and secure healthier approaches to technology.

Yousif suggests that we should treat the technologies and software we work with on a daily basis as viable team members. She illustrates what she means through an experiment, where she inserts technology into the org chart of a company. This allows for individuals to better visualize the digital devices and platforms they have at their disposal, as well as evaluate performances -- from asking if the software is "reporting" to the right person to establishing the quality of the relationship and proactively addressing any issues surrounding it. To better explain her process, Yousif walks the audience through the example of a small catering company -- Bovingdons, during her talk on work environments.

Not only does the tech advisor's approach familiarize individuals with the tools they have at their disposal, but the impact goes well beyond the singular human-technology relationship. What Nadjia Yousif found was that treating technology as a colleague ultimately leads "to ideas about how to manage tech across entire companies" and this is an especially important skill to have since digital skills are a critical factor for the 21st-century workplace.