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Max Tegmark's Talk on Artificial Intelligence Considers Its Benefits

 - Jul 19, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Scientist and author Max Tegmark delivered a talk on artificial intelligence for TED, in which he considers how these developments in technology can be used to empower people, rather than undermine them.

As Tegmark explains, these developments have enabled life to flourish in many different ways so far, and allowed humans to accomplish what their ancestors might have only dreamed of. The recent progress in AI has led many to wonder just how far it will go, especially in regards to how it will compete with biological intelligence. Although some researchers say that it's unlikely AI will surpass the human capacity of intelligence in the next century, many believe we are much closer.

This has left many wondering what the role of humans will be once robots are able to do all tasks more efficiently and for less cost. As Tegmark explains, it's important to stay ambitious, and develop a future that benefits humanity. He states that in order to ensure this, researchers need to ban lethal autonomous weapons and invest in AI safety research to prevent human extinction.

Although the world's history with AI is complicated, Tegmark shows how its controlled progression can lead to a new stage of humanity, where those on earth and beyond are free of the economic and societal boundaries that prevent them from living how they please. As he concludes, people can either be complacent about the future of such technology, or can be ambitious, and think of how it can be steered in the right direction.