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Andrew Dent's Keynote on Sustainability Highlights Its Benefits

 - May 8, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Material innovator Andrew Dent delivered a keynote on sustainability for a TED event, which explores the immense impact that reusing materials can have on the environment, as well as the strides made in technology that enable some of these materials to be infinitely recycled.

Dent begins his Keynote on sustainability by considering the concept of thrift. One simple example he speaks to is the jar of string his grandma kept, which allowed her to collect string and reuse it for when she needed it, and as a result never had to throw out or buy it for herself. With this example, Dent shows how a simple change in mindset can greatly impact the world, as utilizing reusable materials can ensure that less waste is put in landfills.

Many companies are adopting the concept of thrift more these days, and have learned to benefit from the many positives that come with it. With this in mind, Dent shows how different industries can adopt this in unique ways, saving on costs, as well as waste. As Dent shows, it's becoming increasingly important for both companies and consumers to change how they think about materials.