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This Peter van Uhm Keynote Illustrates the Positive Impact of Firearms

 - May 6, 2012
References: ted & youtube
In this Peter van Uhm Keynote the four star General of the Northern Netherlands Army discusses how he shares the same vision as everyone else who would change the world for the better. Holding a real gun in front of the audience, Peter Van Uhm demonstrates how the uneasy feeling that many people receive when being near a real gun can be a positive fact; it reveals that guns are not a part of one's daily lives, that they do not encounter armed guards on a regular basis, a reality that is different in other war-torn countries.

Statistics show that violence has decreased significantly in the past 500 years since guns have become more widespread. Peter van Uhm is not advocating violent action or war, but instead argues that freedom, piece and stability do not come free of charge.