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Patrician McCarthy Keynote Introduces the Taoist Technique

 - May 16, 2012
References: mienshiang & vimeo
This Patrician McCarthy keynote explores how reading facial expressions using something referred to as the Taoist technique can offer insight into an individual's personality.

She opens her speech by explaining the importance of knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of the people with whom you work. She strongly believes in the advantages of knowing yourself and your skills when it comes time to accomplishing goals and projects. She also discusses how individuals must respect the methods other people use to accomplish things, no matter how different they may be from their own.

In an extremely fascinating discussion, she describes how Monks discovered a way to read facial expressions and predict personality traits as well as the diseases and illnesses people might be prone to. She then applies to the being better able to understand yourself and those you work with.