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John Nosta's Genius Talk Expands Upon Self-Imposed Mediocrity

 - Oct 3, 2014
In his genius talk, John Nosta discusses the incorrect idea that genius is only attainable by a few extremely intelligent people. The speaker believes genius is both transcendent and profound.

Nosta explains that the manifestation of thought reveals to us that "genius is our birthright and mediocrity is self-imposed." He describes a "cognitive tyranny" that results in mythical perceptions of reality and a restriction of human thought in reaching its full capacity. He also states that brains are uniquely optimized for thought, which further proves his point.

The speaker further posits "genius is not a fixed reality but a punctuated experience." To expand on this point he outlines five touch points of genius in his genius talk. Time slows down or speeds up. Infinity emerges as people are in the moment. People experience a visceral and non-verbal perception that something feels right intuitively. Interconnectedness is present (like when people finish each other's sentences). Genius also shows itself in the 'aha moment' or spontaneous and joyous illumination.