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Aven Ronen is the CEO of a company called Boxee, who has given speeches offering insight to emerging...

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Aven Ronen's Entrepreneur Talk Discusses Focus and Action

 - Aug 17, 2013
References: boxee & youtu.be
CEO Aven Ronen offers insight into starting up a business in this entrepreneur talk. Ronen advises individuals to be efficient and focused. He also stresses the importance of getting ideas out there, rather than working to perfect them over the span of years and years.

Ronen says that focusing on a main idea and a set of main functions is important, especially when working with technology. It's easy to get sidetracked trying to do too many things. He also says that it's important to get a basic model of your idea or product ready, and get it out there quickly. This allows one to get helpful feedback right away. He says that trying to perfect something over time is sometimes more hurtful than helpful for entrepreneurs.