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Cassie Campbell Shows How Expressing Appreciation Yields Success

 - Jan 25, 2012
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In this inspiring speech, correspondent for Hockey Night in Canada and Captain of Canada's Gold Medal Winning Women's Hockey Team Cassie Campbell shares some of the lessons she has learned from playing hockey. Sharing anecdotes including personal ups and downs, she asserts that every individual will be presented with opportunities throughout their lives to conquer a fear. Cassie Campbell believes that one can either withdraw from a comfort zone or sit back and watch others achieve greatness.

Cassie Campbell also discusses the importance of striving to make a contribution to something in which you're involved every single day -- be it work, family or a team. She stresses the importance in reinforcing the contributions made by those around you because it shows appreciation and fosters a positive environment. Campbell sees positive reinforcement as one of the cornerstones in building team success.