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The Bill Clinton 2012 DNC Speech Shows the Potential of Cooperation

 - Sep 6, 2012
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The Bill Clinton 2012 DNC speech energized and inspired each and every audience member at last night's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

While Clinton was speaking on behalf of the Democratic party in the United States, his speech carried mass appeal to Americans all over the country as it focused on the benefits of cooperation as opposed to glamorizing the faults of the opposing party.

Moving into a quick overview of the current Republican narrative, Clinton urges the audience and his fellow Democrats to recognize the value and potential in cooperation in both business and government between both parties in the United States. He argues that poverty, ignorance and unemployment are all challenges that can be overcome if the two parties work together. By seizing opportunities and finding solutions to nation-wide problems as a united front, the American people and its government are capable of anything.