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Bill Clinton's Yale University Class Day Keynote Inspires Graduates

 - Jul 14, 2012
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Bill Clinton's Yale University class day keynote describes the present as being an exciting point in time in America history, but explains that there are crucial issues that must be addressed. Bill Clinton reflects back on his days spent at Yale, and his speech helps students realize the profound importance of having a common humanity.

The present is a fulfilling and exciting time in which technological advancements and science breakthroughs are a regular occurrence, and America is becoming incredibly diverse. At the same time, Clinton emphasizes that the world has three major challenges: it's too unstable, unequal and unsustainable for future generations. People must deal and share these challenges with everyone because they affect crucial parts of life.

Bill Clinton's Yale University class day keynote identifies the incredible feats in the world, and the impending issues that must be dealt with. Fate has caught up with the planet that humans occupy, and a common humanity is crucial for the future sustainability of the world.