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Arnoud Raskin Discusses Helping Entrepreneurs Make Successful Careers

 - Feb 10, 2012
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Arnoud Raskin is a mobile humanitarian and education innovator. Sharing his experience from the time he spent in Columbia developing a school system for socially challenged areas, he offers the audience a new way to approach entrepreneurship.

Raskin discusses applying street culture to the managerial process. In his new project, managers are educated in innovative practises through the experience of homelessness. Raskin challenges the audience to question experience. He argues that companies need to focus more on identities and talents, rather than competence and skills. He also urges groups and organizations to have insight on the difference between company needs, wishes and expectations.

The Streetwize project encourages a reality check and for businesses to become more aware of global needs. The consciousness of intention has a big impact on the life of homeless children.