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Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s American Dream Speech is Inspiring

 - Feb 17, 2014
References: mikebloomberg & youtube
Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s American dream speech was delivered to a huge audience at the 2013 Commencement ceremony at Stanford University.

In his American dream speech, Mayor Bloomberg spoke about what he believed the definition of the American dream to be. Mayor Bloomberg believed the American dream to be about opportunity and not outcome. We are not owed money or success, only the opportunity to pursue these things if we so desire. Following one’s dream is never easy, we are not assured success and will more than likely fail many times. However we must not play it safe, and if we never fail or have setbacks then we are not trying hard enough or dreaming big enough. Opportunity is the most important thing we own and he urges us to not waste it.

In addition to opportunity, Mayor Bloomberg underscores the tremendous value of hard work, stating that hard work is where the opportunities lie.