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Sara Seager’s Alien Life Speech Discusses Current Search Techniques

 - Oct 1, 2013
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In her alien life speech, Sara Seager explains the various techniques used to prove life exists outside of our solar system. Scientists are studying exo-planets, or planets outside of our solar system, to see if they are in the inhabitable zone, which is the correct distance from a star to sustain water-based life forms. As there are hundreds of billions of stars within the Milky Way galaxy, and hundreds of billions of galaxies within our universe, Seager asserts it is inevitable there is an exo-planet with life. The issue is how to identify them.

She compares finding the ‘true Earth twin’ to looking for a firefly right next to a search light from far away. As the alien life speech took place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she likened to to looking in San Francisco, California on the opposite end of the United States.