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Gavin Keneally's 3D Printing Keynote Paints a Bright Future for Consumers

 - Jul 10, 2012
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In this 3D printing keynote, third year mechanical engineering undergraduate student Gavin Kenneally discusses the potential of 3D printing technology to transform the role of consumers today.

After providing the audience with a brief explanation of the technology behind 3D printing, Kenneally explains how the technology will soon be available at affordable rates for consumers and not just large companies and research firms. As of today, however, consumers rarely have access to these printers. Keneally is interested, however, in the implications once consumers do have access.

According to Keneally, once consumers have access to 3D printing, this will enable them to become an active participant in the system of design, manufacturing and distribution. They'll have the power to design and create products for themselves. The implications of this are quite unimaginable as this would create a very close connection between various stakeholders and empower consumers; if they want something, they could design it and build it for themselves.