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Athena Markopoulou and Tomas Diez Deliver a Production Keynote

 - Jun 30, 2012
This production keynote is given by Athena Markopoulou and Tomas Diez as they show the changes coming with the Third Industrial Revolution. The duo are co-founders of Studio P52 and are pioneering work at Fab Lab, where they work to create platforms for personal fabrication. In this Do It Yourself Revolution, you no longer need to be an expert to create products in your own home.

These new possibilites of production are becoming ever more present with 3D printers and other technologies that transform the point of production. All you need is a computer, because users can go beyond producing object but making new tools.
Citizens have reached the point where society no longer needs to wait for technology to come out because they are creating it. This new revolution will place citizens in the protagonist role of producer instead of solely consumer.