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From the Importance of Storytelling to the Benefits of an Adventurous Spirit

 - Feb 23, 2015
Each of these talks on travel discusses how visiting new places can be an enriching experience. The speeches approach the topic of tourism from a variety of angles, from practical matters to more motivational content.

Actor Rainn Wilson's creative block speech is on resetting creativity. The co-founder of Soul Pancake lists travel as a strategy to nurture the creative spirit. In his activist generation talk, former UN task commander General Romeo Dallaire discusses technology and global activism. In particular, the human rights advocate encourages young people to go to developing countries and share the stories of their impoverished counterparts. In a mindful tourism talk, Palestinian activist Aziz Abu Sarah talks about the future of tourism and explores human history.

These talks on travel indicate not only the traveler benefits from going to new places, but those they visit can also be impacted positively.